Two cute rare alligators-albinos were born in an American park and they are in good hands

For these alligators, albinism is especially dangerous.

Albinism among the representatives of the fauna is not very rare, but such animals are very difficult to survive in the wild: they are rejected by relatives, and they attract the attention of predators.

Albinism is especially dangerous for alligators. In combination with all the threats, they face two more. Many of them have crooked jaws, and their bright skin is not adapted to their habitat.

One of the places where employees do not spare the strength in caring for unusual animals is Wild Florida. In May 2017, the company acquired a heterosexual pair of albinos alligators called Blizzard and Snowflake: Blizzard and Snowflake.

Animals became the first pair of propagating alligators-albinos in Central Florida-now this is one of the few places in the world where visitors can see these rare representatives of fauna.

At the time of purchase, the male named Blizzard was 12 years old, and his girlfriend Snowflake is 23 years old. The male in size is somewhat larger than the female, both have a bright color not only on the body but also on the eyes that look like droplets of milk.

At the same time, the right eye of the snowflake is opaque white, and on the left two red spots.

The ideal conditions created for them in the park allowed the animals not to have problems with reproduction.

Most of their kids are completely normal, but in 2019, one of the kids inherited their line from their parents. This year the situation was repeated, and even more: out of 18 babies, two were albinos at once.

Now all newborns, including «special» ones, receive full-fledged care and comfortable climatic conditions in individual terrariums.

White alligators can be not only albinos: sometimes the cause is leucism.

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