«She cannot even smile»: 24-year-old Tyla Clement with paralysis of the facial nerve began a career as a model

The lady with her peculiarity is crowned the world’s «non-smiling person».

Meet Tyla Clement from New Zealand, which has become popular thanks to its unusual appearance.

The 24-year-old lady with her peculiarity is crowned as an «unlucky person» in the world.

A few years ago, she had paralysis of the facial nerve, due to which she could not even move her eyes or any part of her face.

This is a condition in which a person cannot move the muscles of the face on one or both sides.

She faced difficulties in the first years after the disorder.

Although it was hard for her, she did not stop thinking about a positive turn of her position favor.

So, she began a modeling career by signing her first contracts with modeling companies.

Soon she became viral because of her strange and «sad» appearance, as she could not portray a slight smile on her face.

However, Tila also faced a negative in society.

Many people could not accept it as a popular model.

After dozens of criticisms and negative reviews, the woman decided to leave a modeling career.

However, since she was separated from society for a long time, she felt that the anxiety would be her permanent friend.

In the end, she decided to be open to new cooperation, signing contracts with different agencies in order to fulfill her dream.

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