«What a noble deed on her part»: the story of a good 21-year-old girl who adopted seven children

The young and helpless girl had to bear the heavy matter on her shoulders alone.

Usually, when we say a «girl over 20», this means that she is actively enjoying her youth.

Girls spend their youngest and most beautiful years with friends, as well as walking, learning, relaxing in nature, cool glances, and other entertainments.

However, all this was not for Christina, born in a large and hardworking family.

Her parents always worked a lot to correctly raise their children.

So, they spent the whole working day outside the house, and the young girl had to take care of the younger brothers and sisters.

However, her life became more complicated at the age of 18, when she was a freshman at the university.

Unfortunately, her dad died in the same year, and only a year later her mother followed him.

Then Christina’s younger sister turned 4 years old.

Social NPOs began to do their job by placing them in orphanages after their grandmother refused to be their guardian.

Soon she decided to register all her brothers and sisters under her defense, and soon she was allowed to adopt them.

Although she had to quit her studies and become everyone for them, Christina was happy that the children were next to her.

The whole village, as well as the authorities, help them with food, clothes, and the necessary things.

Hearing their touching story, no one can remain indifferent.

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