«Twin sisters recently turned 102»: there were many changes in the life of these grandmothers

These wonderful sisters are cheerful and love the good vibes of life.

These twin sisters from the USA recently celebrated their 102nd birthday.

Although they do not live in the same house and have no common interests, they are always connected by a special connection.

One of them lives in Kansas City, and the other in San Francisco, California.

Elise, one of the twins, said that they were born in 1920, and since then there have been a lot of global events.

An elderly woman happily recalled their unforgettable birthdays.

She said that they danced at their special daytime parties for many years.

Elise invited her sister Lilabel, and they spent the day together, inviting friends and arranging noisy parties.

Despite her age, a woman is now carefully monitoring her appearance and appearance.

According to the son of Elise, Paul Lyons, the secret of the longevity of the sisters is their positivity.

They relate to all troubles with a positive attitude and overcome them simply without exaggeration.

According to Kansas City University, Elise became a member of the BAO fraternity in the 1950s.

She headed an international female organization that sought to give students the opportunity to get an education.

The organization was based in the United States and provided education around the world.

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