«Real hero of our times»: the famous musician John Bon has a big heart and helps people

Not everyone knows that the popular and loved musician is also a real hero.

Probably, many heard about John Bon Jovi, who is still a world star.

His songs were popular in most countries of the world in the 80s.

His most popular song was «it’s my life», which is still a world hit and often sounds on the radio.

However, not everyone knows that the popular and beloved musician is also a real hero.

Bon Jovi launched a social initiative to support those in need.

He is the author and owner of the restaurant «Soul Kitchen», where you can enjoy food without paying for it.

However, if the client is ready to pay, he simply pays 20% of the account amount.

Moreover, those in need are dining here absolutely free.

In addition, it was originally supposed to break a garden with herbs, fruits and vegetables there.

The goal is to provide people with such miracles of nature that can easily try plants.

As stated in daily initiation reports, paying for sacrifice and volunteers are made.

The dishes here are always fresh and tasty, prepared from environmentally friendly products.

In addition, the heart bon himself cooks food in the kitchen, and sometimes even serves in the hall.

What a good gesture from the famous star!

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