«Perfectly spent his first money»: the young man won the World Cahmpionship and founded the village

Due to great aim and willpower, he managed to overcome the challenges.

Get to know Manny Pacquiao, who founded a small village and provided the poor families of his homeland at home.

The childhood of the Philippine boy passed in poverty.

It was a difficult time: the families did not even have the opportunity to get a small bag of rice for dinner.

However, thanks to his determination and willpower, the young man managed to overcome difficulties.

He managed to become a successful and demanding person from a poor and ordinary nature.

He was only 12 when he had to sell donuts for money.

But once his uncle decided to train a strong boy, seeing his potential.

Now he is a successful boxer who won the world championship in eight different categories.

Although he could be a famous and rich man, he could not forget his roots, his poor childhood.

A good-hearted boxer always remembered that many people still live in poverty, and emphasized this.

So, he decided to sacrifice one of his first prize pools, founding a small village for the poor citizens of his homeland.

The area was named after the famous person Pack-Man.

Each of the houses is designed so that 2 families can use the house, initially creating two entrances on both sides.

Everything you need is in a cozy village.

In addition, now he lives with his big beautiful family, not forgetting about thousands of other families, supporting them.

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