«Miracle was born»: this woman realized her dream and became a mother at 50 years old

After spending years and lots of money she decided to change her gynecologist.

Get to know Susie Troxler from Greensboro, the United States, which finally managed to give birth to a child after so many years of attempts.

She is 50, and her husband Tony Troxler is already 61, although they finally tasted parental happiness.

They called their daughter Lily and call her a «miracle child», as they faced many difficulties before becoming parents.

As Susie said, they have been married for 13 years, and over all these years they have not managed to have a child.

Then she was disappointed and thought that something might be wrong.

Having spent almost 10 years and a lot of money on treatment, she decided to change to a gynecologist.

So, three years ago she had an investigative test to identify the problem.

The last moment in the doctor’s office was very decisive for her.

In fact, if she had not said, Lily could not be born at all.

It turned out that Susie had a fibroid, which had to be removed surgically.

So, after treatment in 2019, she was made by IVF, but it did not help.

The upset woman decided to try again, but this time she was stopped by Covid-19, and she had to postpone the reception.

So, only last year, the couple had a long-awaited little princess.

Now they are so happy and blessed by their daughter that they share their parental duties with great love and devotion.

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