Lovely incredible friendship of a female leopard with a baby in the Primorsky National Park

The friendly leopards were spotted using a camera trap.

For the first time, Leopard Park noticed how the female shares the territory with an already matured daughter without conflicts. This is atypical behavior for single cats.

The eastern leopard is considered a single animal, which comes into contact with other individuals only for propagation. The cubs can be with a mother of 13-14 months, but then become completely independent and leave her.

Recently, in the park of the Leopard National Park, the unusual behavior of adult predators was recorded, contrary to previous observations – in one territory two adult females live mother and daughter, who have already managed to bring offspring.

Friendly leopards were spotted using a camera trap: at first, an adult female fell into the lens, and two minutes later, two minutes, younger.

There is no doubt that both predators know about each other’s territorial proximity and, therefore, coexist peacefully and even intentionally.

Cases of interaction between adult females of the Eastern leopard were recorded only in the 1970s and 1980s.

Biologists noticed two mothers who learned to use the proximity to each other: while one female stayed with kittens, the other hunted, and then brought the entire group to prey.

These connections probably formed the basis of their mutual assistance.

Observations of smart and her daughter allowed confirming this theory.

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