Good and caring Australians could pull the kangaroo scared to death from the lake

The animal was numb from the cold and could not get ashore on its own.

The inhabitants of Canberra, walking near the lake, noticed a kangaroo stuck in the water. In Australia, September-the first month of spring, and in many places a winter cold still reigns.

The animal was numb from the cold and could not go ashore on his own. Two men rushed to his aid.

Experts warn that this is a very dangerous situation-first of all for humans. Kangaroos themselves are high and strong animals, and in a state of stress can cause crushing blows with their powerful paws.

There, the kangaroo handed his paw to his saviors – people jokingly called it «gratitude», but probably it was just a reflex movement.

Fortunately, the frightened animal calmed down shortly after salvation. Kangaroo returned to his habitat since nothing happened to him.

Despite the seemingly unusual environment, kangaroos very often jump into the water.

The reason is all the same stress: trying to avoid a threatening situation, reservoirs choose a kangaroo as a safe place.

And in the fall of 2019, the police twice pulled the same animal from the same lake: even while on land, it made a jump back.

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