«Cute girl has a doll size»: the life of this Thumbelina, which will remain at the same height

Looking at her one may think it’s a quite ordinary scene-a baby in a stroller.

Get to know this cute baby Abigail Lee, who, unfortunately, was born with a genetic disease of microsomia, due to which part of her body developed disproportionately.

First, looking at this photo, you might think that this is quite ordinary scene – a pain in a stroller.

However, a stroller for a doll.

All the toys are so tiny that she can play with them.

Abigail recently turned 2 years old, but it weighs like a newborn, only 9 pounds instead of the normal 44-66 pounds.

Her older sister named Samantha is 4 years old, and she looks incomparably larger than her.

Roughly speaking, a tiny girl is able to grow by just 60 cm, as doctors say.

At the same time, she is healthy, and leads an active and playful life.

Moreover, she also eats well, the composition of the healthy and delicious food that her mother prepares her.

A cute baby dresses up in doll clothes and even lunch at the puppet table.

However, let’s hope that in the future scientists will be able to find a way.

Let’s hope that Abigail will be able to live a long and joyful life only if all the conditions are achieved for her.

However, there is something that will always remain unchanged-he is growing!

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