The lonely dog continues to make his way to steal a unicorn, but the officer finally buys it for him

The officer bought the $10 stuffed unicorn and made the dog happier.

Usually, dogs have their favorite toys. They play with toys that love most, and never refuse them. Dogs bring so much joy to our lives thanks to their playful character and energy.

However, now the homeless dogs have no toys. So they have to live without a toy friend.

This time, a street dog entered the market and fell in love with a plush unicorn. As it turned out, the dog previously tried to steal a beautiful pink unicorn, but to no avail.

When the story was published, many people gave positive reviews. It was natural for the animal. They do not know our rules. This is what makes them not be afraid to do something wrong.

The police said that it was the most strange call in their life. And one of them, Samantha Lane, who came to the place to pick up the dog, had a special heart.

She bought a plush unicorn for $ 10 and made him happier.

Soon a homeless friend was taken to a shelter. The beautiful creation was given the name Sisu.

Now Sisa is waiting for his turn to adopt. She enjoys life with her charming plush unicorn.

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