Puppy born with sparse upturned paws but finally able to walk after life-changing surgery

Because her paws were upside down, this dog could not walk normally.

Sometimes dogs are born with flaws.  Not only are they different, but they also have physical problems.

Someone must adapt to a difficult life; someone is lucky to have the attention of kind people.

The dog was born with a rare disease.  Because her paws were turned over, this dog could not walk normally.  It was a painful attempt for this dog.  Fortunately, the vets gave her a life-changing experience.

Siggi was born with a rare condition that required her to walk on her wrists.  A 13-week-old Rat Terrier had difficulty walking due to pain in his wrists.

Luck favored Siggi when she was accepted to Oklahoma State University.  Local veterinarians had previously successfully operated on another dog with the same problem.

It was a good chance for the poor puppy.  The veterinarians had to break the bones of the paws and align them precisely using splints and orthopedic pins.

Although there were unexpected complications due to the deformity of one of Siggi’s elbows, the operation was a success.

Siggi is still in the process of being restored.  She is doing well, and x-rays show that her bones are healing.

Now, this cute puppy lives in a foster family and takes the first correct steps on its paws.

Let’s hope she meets better people who will take the adorable puppy into their family.

Also, a huge thank you to all the veterinarians who save the lives of disabled dogs!

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