«Impossible not to laugh seeing this boy»: a funny moment when a little boy puzzled his dad with his uncle

One is his father and the other is his father’s brother.

One day, a super cute video appeared on the Internet that won the hearts of many people.

It was a funny and adorable scene where the cute boy couldn’t tell the difference between two identical twins.

One of them is his father and the other is his father’s brother.

A sweet boy named Reed was about 18 months old when he first saw his uncle.

Since the brothers were identical twins, baby Rain was completely embarrassed when he saw him.

So, the most impressive moment was when the cute boy failed to recognize his real father.

He was unsure of the identification of his right father, as the two young men looked alike.

So, his charming reaction when he didn’t realize they were different people.

The kid asked as it were, «I already have two dads? », Or «well, which one of them is mine now? ».

After the video went viral, many parents with twin siblings tried to repeat the experiment to see how their children reacted.

The results were downright funny, as almost all the kids couldn’t tell their moms from their dads.

All children are adorable with their cute and innocent gestures.

Thanks to them, life becomes more meaningful and colorful!

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