A kind merchant gave food to hungry lonely dogs, demonstrating the power of generosity

Instead of ignoring them, the man stopped and fed the starving dogs.

Street dogs are everywhere.  Unfortunately, not everyone can be taken to shelters.  These amazing companions often suffer from loneliness, hunger, health problems, etc.

It’s good to know that there are still kind people who stay by their side.  Often these are people who need attention.  Why are the poor more caring and generous than most of the rich?  This is a question for which there is no perfect answer.

In this story, something similar happened on the streets of Puebla, Mexico, where a street vendor met hungry dogs.  A man was walking down the street with a load on his back.

Soon he was surrounded by dogs.  Suddenly, instead of ignoring them and continuing his way, the man stopped and fed the starving dogs.

He also fed another dog that was left behind.

This man had the task of selling all the goods, but instead of making more money, he just shared his goods with dogs in need.  Surely the man made this day brighter for the poor dogs.

This man did not even know that his good deed was filmed on a surveillance camera.  After the video was posted on social media, it immediately went viral.  The video currently has over 4.6 million views.

The identity of the man has not yet been established.  I hope the man is found to see the impact his kind move has made on the internet.

In such situations, the true face of a person is always revealed.

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