A 90-year-old caring neighbor came to say goodbye to a dying dog that was his best friend

A 90-year-old had to say goodbye to the neighbor’s dog that he loved so much.

Living 90 years is a blessing, but by the time you reach this age, you have to overcome many difficulties. However, the ability to say goodbye is also a gift.

This time, a 90-year-old man had to say goodbye to a neighbor’s dog, which he loved so much.

The man adored his four-legged companion. They were close friends for a long time. The man always treated her with cookies. The dog was happy and excited about meeting with his friend.

Surely this person will miss a wonderful being.

The owner of a friendly animal allowed him to maintain a connection with them and visit his dog.

The dying creature was so happy to see her best friend for the last time. When a retired neighbor came to visit his friend, then and now the dog turned his tail with joy. She seemed to welcome her friend.

The dog spent the last hours of his life, lying on the grass next to his family. When an old friend visits her, he, without hesitation, kneels, despite his age. He strokes her stomach, and for the last time, he presses the dog to him, showing his love.

Since the dog cannot stand up, she expresses her gratitude, looking at the old man with happy eyes.

Then the man offers water from his hands. His friend licks the water from a man’s palm.

These seconds are simultaneously touching and heartbreaking.

This is what pure love and friendship look like.

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