«She is still Chuck’s biggest fan»: Chuck Norris’ wonderful mother will turn 101

She faced many difficulties while raising three sons alone.

In a few months, the mother of this famous and sought-after actor will turn 101 years old.

However, she never stopped supporting her son and continues to be his greatest fan.

The popular Chuck Norris is known for his action films, where he was a rough and savage hero.

However, few people know that his mother, Wilma, faced many difficulties, raising three sons alone.

So, having grown up without a father, the actor, and his brothers also faced many difficulties in life.

When Chuck was born in 1940, it was a very difficult time for their family, both physically and financially.

His mother could not raise them properly, as her health was poor, and besides, she could not afford to dress them well.

So, little Chuck was laughed at by his classmates, and he didn’t have any athletic ability.

However, his brave mother was the best example to set a goal and achieve it, no matter how many trials life had in store for him.

As he claimed, his mother always made them believe they could do anything in life.

She constantly supported her sons not to give up in any situation, and, indeed, everything worked out!

So, the famous actor never ceases to express gratitude to his beloved mother.

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