«Creative person invents everything»: the artist creates funny drawings of clouds that make everyone smile

The creative artist has made his friends and family members laugh since childhood.

This talented artist Chris Judge from Dublin has created some fun and creative cloud drawings.

The creative and intelligent artist has made his friends and family members laugh since childhood.

He was always an excellent student in class, and later a smart and talented programmer at the university.

He first came up with this funny idea when he saw an ordinary picture of a cloud on the Internet.

Since then, Chris has turned wonderful pictures of clouds he saw on the Internet into fantastically funny creatures.

Then his beloved wife named Kliona O’Flaherty supported him by taking beautiful and interesting photographs of the clouds.

She was a professional photographer, and the couple started a small fun business with her.

They created a page called A Daily cloud which, much to their surprise, has become so famous and loved by many users.

People from all over the world follow their creative and colorful characters.

The couple’s popular page has over 80,000 Instagram followers, bringing users daily fun and happiness.

In addition, it has become a small profitable business of making and selling daily cards with these cute and funny characters.

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