«Real hero at all times»: 300 homeless veterans already have houses thanks to the good-hearted John Bon Jovy

So, a charity initiative solves the problems of the homeless.

We all know very well the famous and legendary rock and song Bon Jovi.

The popular singer and producer created a huge heritage of good and immortal songs that still give pleasure.

In addition to the fact that he is a talented singer, a generous Jovi devoted his life to charity.

He dreams of creating a better world to help those in need, so he founded JBJ Soul Foundation.

So, a charity initiative solves the problems of the homeless.

The good-hearted person of veterans who risked their health and life is especially honored.

To provide homeless veterans with their own housing, the famous star fund allocated 525 thousand dollars.

So, the fund supports them with housing in all states.

In addition, Washington has an open social center where you can find answers to all questions of those in need.

What a huge kindness he shares with the whole country!

For example, recently 72-year-old Clifton Braxton, living in a car for more than 25 years, finally got a new cozy apartment.

Love and respect for veterans are so great that Bon Jovi even gave American heroes a song, calling it «Unbroken».

In addition, a famous and beloved artist also gave a special concert for the military, emphasizing that «we will never forget what they do for our country, and we really appreciate it!»

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