«Pure love is capable of everything»: a cute couple managed to lose 200 kg together thanks to strong love

Dear couple with strong willpower changed their lives thanks to love.

Love and motivation are something important in our lives.

They are an engine of changes in our life, both physical and mental.

However, we agree that it is not so easy to especially get together with the forces in order to try to change something.

So, love and support come to inspire us with their magical power.

This cute pair with strong willpower has radically changed their lives thanks to constant love and support.

Just two years ago, 26-year-old Lexi weighed 220 kg and her boyfriend Danny-127 kg.

Over the years, they gained excess weight until the moment when Danny could not even hug his girlfriend in her arms.

So, Lexi gathered all her strength and decided to lose weight, and soon she was able to lose weight relatively much.

Surprisingly, she was able to lose weight 135 kg!

As the couple said, they had neither a personal coach nor a special dietary program.

All that they managed to achieve occurred due to their strong support and motivation of each other.

They planned a wedding and dreamed of becoming parents and living together a healthy and happy life.

An inspired couple used all their potential to set a goal and prove that they can make any changes that they want.

Now Danny weighs 87 kg, and Lexi is 80!

They became a real inspiration for many people who have excess weight.

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