«Beautiful mother’s eyes»: Salma Hayek published her first appearance in public with her princess

The daughter first went with her parents to such a public event.

The premiere of the film of the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel called «Forever» took place in October in Los Angeles.

Many eminent and world artists and guests were invited to the festival.

The beauty of the young daughter of the famous and charming actress Salma Hayek made a special impression on fans.

Moreover, it was so unexpected and pleasant, since her 14-year-old Princess Valentine first went with her parents to such a public event.

So for fans and paparazzi Salma and her husband, French billionaire Francois, this was an exceptional chance to «catch» their young and charming daughter.

Usually, Valentine avoids being noticed and noticed by the public.

However, this time she was introduced to the public, and although this was her first “crowded” event, she felt comfortable.

The pretty Valentine behaved so naturally that even her dress was an ordinary pleasant black robe.

Fans admire Hayek and her family, especially their simple and ordinary appearance, which does not behave so arrogantly in public at all.

As the fans noted, it was Valentina’s eyes that were just a copy of her mother’s eyes.


In addition, after their last photo appeared on social networks, Valentine has changed significantly, according to their fans.

Then the young girl was only 8 years old, and over time she turned into a real beauty.

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