«Made a promise so she should keep it»: grandmother kept the promise given to the cashier, sharing a win

When my grandmother went to the store, the cashier advised her to buy a ticket.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Probably, most of us relied on one, two, or several times in our lives.

Although sometimes it may not be easy, there will be no harm to try his luck again and again in this.

Of course, if you are not going to spend your entire amount and you will win the lottery, then everything will be fine.

So, this pretty 86-year-old elderly woman with the ranch Mirage made bets on him weekly.

Marion Forrest took the habit of going to her favorite Duke’s Mini Mart to get the Fantasy 5 lottery.

One morning, when my grandmother went to the store, a friendly cashier advised her to buy a ticket early in the morning.

A kind person named Walter really wanted her to win at least once, so inspired her to do so.

So, the woman greeted his idea and received a ticket, making a bet on the same numbers.

After that, the promising grandmother promised him to share the prize if she wins a jackpot of $ 500,000.

Although this was not such a welcome jackpot, she won only $ 300 and did not forget to fulfill her promise.

The generous Marion returned to the store with balloons and a letter in the hands that Walter had to be transferred.

As she promised, this is $ 150 for a kind-hearted person who constantly helps and supports her.

So, any dollar helped him, but the restoration and preservation of a humane gesture cost a million.

Would you share your win?

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