«Cute «offer» to this little girl»: touching when a man flopped on his knee in front of a girl

A kind person drew up a creative plan for a sentence for mom and daughter.

Combining two families, especially when they have small children, is sometimes not easy.

The most important thing that we must not forget is that between people involved in this should always be mutual love and respect.

So, this generous male good gesture is an excellent example of how to make an original «offer» to a young girl.

This stepfather very gently showed his future daughter, how much she means to him.

After meeting his future wife, Taylor Nelly, a man decided to spend his whole life with her.

However, the woman was not the only one in the equation, she also had a 9-year-old daughter Charlie.

A loving and kind person drew up a creative plan for a sentence for mom and daughter to make this event special.

Soon the day of the pair was engaged, and Charlie was also very happy.

However, when she saw a shining ring on her finger, she immediately said that it was so magnificent.

The attentive and caring dad made this time the sweetest plan to make his daughter unforgettable.

So, when Charlie turned to her future father to talk to him, his stepfather sank to his knee and handed him the second ring.

He said: «I have a very important question, okay? Do you want to officially become my daughter?»

This sweet and touching moment brought Charlie to tears, and she nodded: «Yes!»

It’s so cute, really?

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