Cute elephants including big and small members are enjoying sliding down a muddy hill

This time, not children, but also adult elephants enjoyed the «dirty» trip.

Baby elephants are best known for their love of playing in the mud.  They can be playful and spend most of the day in the mood with their friends.

For elephants, it does not matter how they will look after the game according to the mood.  They have many fun and happy moments.  It’s just wonderful!

This time the «dirty» trip was enjoyed not only by children but also by adult elephants.

A herd of elephants was about to come down the hill.  The only way to get down the mountain was to slide down the muddy slope.

A muddy slide helped them down the hill.  It also created some funny moments!

At first, only two elephants played next to the hill.  But after a while, a herd of adult elephants joined them.

While the elephants were having fun, most of the adults tried to stand firmly on their feet.  In fact, some of them enjoyed sliding down the muddy hill.

In fact, everyone loves to have fun.  Not only baby elephants but also some adults do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the dirty game.

The enchanting spectacle was captured in Kenya.  Soon after they shared their adorable moments online, they gained popularity and good reviews from millions of people.

It is simply impossible to pass by these charming pictures with indifference.

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