A cute, lonely lion cub has been rescued and now has a special bond with her rescuers

If a person shelters a lion from childhood, the animal will never harm him/her.

It is dangerous to communicate with wild animals.  However, lions are affectionate towards those people who love them.

However, it’s hard to believe that lions can enjoy hugs, belly rubs, and belly caresses from their owners.  You might think that this can only happen in Disney cartoons.

In fact, this story once again proves that there is a mutual love between wild animals and those people who take care of them.

Sirga was a newborn lion cub abandoned on a farm with her two siblings.  Their parents just left them there and left.  Conservationist and Modisa Wildlife Project co-founder Valentin Gruner spotted the cubs and approached them.

It turned out that two of them were no longer alive, and the third tiny girl was still breathing.

He immediately took her to the vet.  The baby weighed only 4 pounds, but Valentin did not give up on her.

He adopted a lion cub and feeds her delicious and healthy food.  It was prepared from fresh eggs, cream, milk, calcium, sunflower oil, and vitamins.  The tiny lion cub loved her food.

Thanks to Valentin’s special care, the lion weighed 175 pounds in the first year.  Now the teenage lion eats raw meat.

It’s time for Sirga to live in the wild.  That’s why Valentin trains her to hunt and survive among other predators.

He believes that keeping wild animals in enclosures is terrible.  The man does not allow people to surround Signa, so she does not adapt to their presence.

Valentin is a very kind person who does everything for the beautiful lioness Signa!

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