«Poster was the reason for her act»: during the performance, Pink noticed a poster in a crowd of fans

The reason was the poster, which she noticed, which was held by one of her fans.

Recently, the popular singer Pink went on a tour of Australia to hold a big concert there.

Suddenly, during one of her numbers, the famous star suddenly stopped the performance.

The reason was the poster, which she noticed in the crowd, which was held by one of her fans.

Later it became clear that the poster was deliberately taken on the stage in capital letters so that Pink could see him.

There was a message from the usual 14-year-old Leah, who imprinted the entire audience and Pink.

As the girl wrote, she recently lost her mother and that she misses her very much.

In addition, she had a special request for Pink: let her hug herself tightly.

Pink was so surprised and touched by the story and warm request of the girl that the concert immediately interrupted.

With tears in her eyes, she found a grief girl and hugged her tightly, instead of saying a word.

Leah, in turn, was moved to tears with her kindest and warmest embrace.

Then Pink hugged and reassured her, encouraging them that her life will soon change for the better.

Thus, her warm gesture was appreciated by all fans, supporting Leia in this way.

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