«It’s good that sons were next to her»: 54-year-old Celine Dion admitted that she had no other choice

The famous performer finally put her health in the first place.

Recently, 54-year-old famous artist Celine Dion shared her health.

The famous performer finally made her health priority and put her health in the first place.

Everyone’s beloved Canadian singer has terminal muscle rigidity syndrome.

Sometimes it seems that Dion even turns into a «walking statue», since her muscles remain motionless in special poses.

During an attack, patients should stand motionless until a spasm disappears.

Sometimes they can even finally lose the ability to speak or walk.

So, for this reason, the long-awaited European tour Dion was postponed next year.

Hundreds of fans sympathized with her and expressed the constant support of their beloved singer.

As she announced, she urgently needed to return to the stage again, how she was eager to contact her audience again.

She was also grateful for the words of support and constant support from her fans.

She added that at present she should first focus on her health in order to see them as soon as possible.

In addition, three of her sons are always with her mother and properly support her.

She always keeps in touch with her children and is a big optimist that everything will be fine.

Dion is a really great example of perseverance!

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