«20 years and a meeting with the 18-year-old triple»: the couple donated their extra frozen embryos to clinic

They were supposed to overcome the problems of infertility, which were resolved.

Many years ago, a married couple from Nashville, Brooke and Chris Martin were happy to become parents, overcoming many difficulties.

The couple was supposed to overcome the problems of infertility, which, fortunately, were resolved.

They managed to give birth to twins with IVF or Invitro Fertilization.

According to them, IVF passed smoothly, and their faith in God helped them produce ten healthy embryos.

So, in 2000, Brooke was able to endure 2 implants in the womb and gave birth to twin sons, Christopher and Matthew.

Then they decided to sacrifice their 8 future children to the clinic to make these unfertilized couples happy.

For them, this was the right decision, because they also experienced this feeling and wanted their embryos to grow in loving families.

So, 18 years later they received a bell that completely changed their life.

It turned out that this is one of their children, Thomas, passed the DNA test and found his biological parents.

It turned out that the boy only wanted to get acquainted with his parents and nothing more.

Thomas told them that he had other brothers and sisters: it was Peter and Lauren, who were already 18 years old.

It turned out that Lauren and Christopher even have a lot in common: they even have common interests and the same musical tastes.

So, two families soon made contact and began to visit each other more often.

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