«Women has puppet eyelashes»: she broke the world record with her long eyelashes

She is record holed for the second time in a row.

An article about a woman who becomes a record holder of the world.

Resident of Shanghai Yu Jian Xia-the woman, which will be discussed.

She enters a record hole for a second time in a row.

The fact is that this woman has the longest eyelashes that grow naturally. This name has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records since 2016.

Her eyelashes reached a maximum length of 12.4 cm only five years ago, but by 2021 their length reached 20.5 cm.

By the way, there are some differences between the eyelids: they are longer on the left than on the right.

That is, she twice broke a world record.

This is an incredible story about Jian Xia. She was not always the owner of such long eyelashes.

Yu Jian Xia noticed that her eyelashes began to grow after she spent 18 months in the forest and on the hills.

In 2013, she lived in nature for more than a year. In a noisy city, she meditated and relaxed.

She noticed the growth of her eyelashes. In length, they increased.

Medical workers could not comment on the situation. Just raising their hands, they did so.

She made an attempt to find this scientific justification, for example, a genetic element.

However, no one in my family has such long eyelashes.

According to Jian Xia, her eyelashes are a standing miracle.

She just wants to wish her love and admiration for those who have special attractiveness, and that’s all she can say about it. We are all wonderful creatures

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