«Mysterious phenomenon conquered everyone»: a talking newborn boy was born in the world

Nobody has yet encountered such a phenomenon in his practice.

Have you ever heard of the speaker of the newborn?

Indeed, outstanding! Even doctors and scientists were stunned by this event!

No one has yet encountered such a phenomenon in his practice.

A pretty little boy was Stephan, who stunned the world, pronouncing the words only a few minutes after his birth.

Doctors were speechless when some time after birth he heard the boy said «dad».

According to the gynecologist of the young mother, Marina Pano stated this was the first time in her 30-year practice.

According to her, when the baby made his first «dad», their employees thought that it was just a coincidence.

However, it turned out that he clearly said «dad» many times, and then «mom», «mom» and «mom».

Then she claimed that his mother said: «Shhhh, baby, dad will come soon», after which he calmed down.

The young 17-year-old mother of the baby Lisa said that together with her husband, they took responsibility for pregnancy.

They always talked with the boy, turned on him a classic song, often discussed with him positive topics in the prenatal period.

In addition, his parents were also smart and knowledgeable people, and probably the baby went in their direction.

What do you think about this baby?

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