«Last wish was fulfilled»: singer Keith Urban fulfilled the last desire of a sick girl

Her old dream was to meet her beloved Keith Urban.

This 25-year-old young lady named Marissa English experienced incredible moments of joy before leaving this world.

The fact is that she was born with various diseases: there were water and cysts in the brain.

However, with numerous diagnoses, she was also a real fan of the famous singer and musician Keith Urban.

Her old dream was to meet her beloved Keith Urban at a real living concert.

Her desire was so big and clean that she gathered the last forces to certainly get tickets for his concert.

Although she was not so sure whether she could attend, nevertheless, Marissa agreed.

The poor thing became bad, and her heart was broken when she realized that this could be the last chance to see her icon.

Soon, the nurses of Marissa could not remain indifferent when they saw her in this position, and wrote a letter to the singer with a request.

The good -hearted Urban changed all his planned events to attend Marissa.

Then the girl was in the Mercy Kids’ Hospital, and for her there was a sensation when Urban entered her room and greeted her.

On that day, the singer performed for her the song «Blue Ain’t Your Color», calling her his «best fan».

For Marissa and Urban, this day will forever remain wonderful!

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