«Girl made her cry»: a homeless woman dined from leftovers, but the girl helped her

She worked with the homeless for many years, so she had special respect for them.

Usually the expectation of holidays is the most beautiful and long -awaited moment when people can meet friends and have dinner together.

However, not everyone can afford such a beautiful life.

Probably, some people ignored the holidays, because they have no loved ones or a family with whom they could celebrate.

Or even for people who are simply happy when these days they are fed by other people’s scope.

So, once this charming lady, Carmen Mendes, went for a walk and dinner with her boyfriend during the holidays.

They were in the restaurant in anticipation of fresh food when she noticed a homeless woman at the front door.

The woman asked passengers and visitors to convey to her the rest of the food.

Some people simply ignored her, while others simply threw their scraps to her and passed by.

The scene was so touching for Carmen that she was very impressed and decided to give her with a smile and respect.

According to Carmen, she worked with the homeless for many years, so she had special respect for them.

Soon, quickly changed her mind, she asked the woman to sit down and eat fresh food, as she was hungry.

Carmen immediately ordered fresh chicken strips with fried potatoes and asked to let the woman go for dinner.

The good gesture impressed the woman very much and touched her to tears!

Then they both had an emotional hug!

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