«Couple set Guinness World Record»: the lowest couple in the world got married

They connected themselves to marriage and one day set a new record.

Usually life surprises us, showing that there are no certain standards that we must follow and lead our lives.

Like these lovely spouses, who tied their bonds and set a new record on one day.

Meet, Paulo Gabriel da Silva, and Katyucia Lie Barros, who got married in 2017.

They have only 71.42 inches (1.81 m) in height, but they have a large heart and so much love that can be shared with.

The sweet couple knew each other for more than 10 years and survived many ups and falls before the wedding, like any relationship.

As her wife admitted, at first Paulo annoyed her, because she thought he was just flirting with her on Facebook.

However, everything has completely changed when the day recognized each other better.

The couple celebrated their unique wedding in London, confirming that they enjoy every day together.

In addition, it was the best choice they have ever made: to swear always to love and protect each other.

As they proudly noted, the most important part of their beautiful and long relations was their close connection and friendly communication.

They always helped each other, giving huge and unconditional love and daily support.

Is there really nothing more to rejoice at these sweet spouses?

We wish them endless love and an always joyful life!

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