A rainbow lorikeet cutely kisses a rescued koala which doesn’t seem to like the kiss

The example of the creatures in this story again proved the power of compassion.

Love and compassion are powerful weapons.  These feelings create a special bond between people who crave care.  Yes, many people struggle with loneliness and forgetfulness of the world.

The same thing happens in nature, where different species have the same fate.  They console each other with hugs and hugs, pure friendship and joy.

The example of the lorikeet and koala in this story once again proves the power of compassion.  The beautiful duo now live in a wildlife sanctuary in Victoria, Australia.

A baby koala lost his mother when he was only a year old in an accident.  He was a quiet and sad creature until he met a rescued lorikeet that was brought to the shelter a few months ago.

Sure, the two-year-old koala enjoys the love of humans, but the other love he gets from the lorikeet is precious, to say the least!

An energetic lorikeet has been spotted kissing a koala.  She seems to have fallen in love with a fluffy ball.  On the contrary, the koala does not like kisses from his friend.  The animal licked its nose after being pecked by a lorikeet.

It’s fun or adorable, it’s up to you!  But one thing is clear-loneliness is curable!

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