This cute sloth and a 5-month-old baby were wonderful friends from birth

A charming small couple plays and sleeps together.

Here is a little Alia and her friend sloth Daisy.

Alia met Daisy, when she was only 2 days old.

Her parents say that Alia and the female sloth have since then are inseparable.

A charming small couple plays and sleeps together.

They often wear a bandage with a flower of the same color.

The parents of Julia and Jason Heckathorn, already had a kangaroo nicknamed Bommerro, ants named

But this was not enough: Julia and Jason decided to greet another animal in their little family and brought home the sloth Daisy.

According to the young couple, they decided to adopt the sloth before they found out that Julia was pregnant.

All this seemed to her a sign of fate.

«I believe that everything went as God planned.

I think he knew that I was able to take care of two children at the same time, and it would be great if they grew together», she explains.

Julia works as a children’s illustrator and uses his pets in his books to attract the attention of children to environmental protection.

She admits that being a writer and at the same time take care of so many animals is fraught with many difficulties, but she also finds a lot of joy in this.

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