«Hero with Down syndrome»: this kind guy becomes a hero when he saves two girls from drowning

The brave act of a kind guy did not go unnoticed.

Valerio Catoya, who was born with Down Syndrome, was introduced to swimming at the age of three by his parents to improve his strength and endurance.

Thanks to dedication and hard work, Valerio not only learned to swim, but also achieved success in this sport, even participating in the Olympic Games.

One day, while on a beach holiday in Lazio, Italy, with his father and younger sister, Valerio and his family heard cries for help.

Two girls aged 10 and 14 were trapped in the water and struggled with the waves and current.

Without hesitation, Valerio and his father jumped into the water to save the children.

Valerio’s father grabbed the 14-year-old girl, and Valerio saved the 10-year-old.

Being an experienced swimmer and Olympian, Valerio was able to keep the girl above the water so that she would not suffocate.

They pulled the girls ashore just as the rescuers arrived.

Valerio’s brave act did not go unnoticed.

The Minister of Sports of Italy recognized his bravery and awarded him a medal for courage and sportsmanship.

His parents were proud of him, and his story has served as an inspiration for people with disabilities.  Valerio Catoya is a true hero.

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