«Found a real family after 37 years»: this man finally found his real parents with a map of his memories

In the foster family, he was always haunted by memories from the past.

After 37 years of searching for Lee, a Chinese man, he was finally able to find his biological mother with the help of a map he made himself.

His story began with a shocking revelation from his adoptive family that he had been kidnapped and sold to them as a child.

Although Lee grew up in a loving and caring family, he was always haunted by memories from his past.

Determined to find answers, he went in search of his real parents.

Guided only by his faint memories, Lee drew a map of the area where he believed his biological parents lived.

He shared this map online, hoping that someone would recognize it and be able to help him.

His efforts were successful as Internet users and local police were able to use the map to find a similar location and even a woman who matched Lee’s description of her mother.

DNA testing confirmed their suspicions, and Lee was finally able to meet his real parents in person.

Despite the traumatic circumstances of his childhood, Lee is now able to move forward in hopes of repairing his relationship and gaining a full understanding of the events that led up to his kidnapping.

His determination and resourcefulness serve as a reminder of the power of hope and the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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