11 days later, a 3-year-old girl was found alive in the northern desert thanks to her dog

A three-year-old girl survived, eating wild berries and drinking water.

Kate Smith took refuge in the field with high grass after daring to leave her house.

Trying to follow, it seems, to the father (Rodion), who was excommunicated on July 29 to his native village.

Her mother first thought that the little girl, accompanied by her dog, had gone with her father.

And since she could not be sure, because of the problem with the telephone network in this distant part of the geographical region, she will notice this only four days after the start of the study.

A three-year-old seven-month-old girl survived, eating wild berries and drinking water from a river in a country inhabited by bears and wolves.

What made it in vain search for her with helicopters and drones to find her in the Taiga teeming bears.

Initially, his family and rescuers were shot when a dog, whose name was not named, despite his heroic act, found the village of a child Olom.

«Two days before they found Karin, her puppy returned home», said Ted Anders, a representative of a rescue team in the Republic of Sakha.

This is where our hearts fell, since Kate had at least a chance to get out of this with her dog next to her.

The nights there are cold, and in some areas the temperature drops below zero.

Kate is now in the hospital near the city, where nurses are ensuring that she restores her strength.

She does not have serious injuries in the form of bone fractures, only scratches, especially on the legs from a long walk without shoes, and insect bites.

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