The poor and homeless woman refused to leave the street because she had an incredible reason

She lives in a completely different way than the average pensioner.

A woman named Hall is 65 years old, she lives in the Mexican city of Tijuana.

But she lives in a completely different way than an average pensioner.

In the life of the hall, such a sad story developed that it was on the street.

A flock of dogs lived with her for many years, which Hall cleaned and fed with particular care.

At night, the woman slept with animals that warmed her with their bodies.

All of them are folded in a large garbage bag.

When local police eventually noticed a Mexican, she simply refused to accompany them.

She does not embellish her daily existence; she takes care of her pets.

In addition, one of the dogs was going to give birth to puppies.

And Hall did not dare to leave the young mother and her children to the mercy of fate.

Castro, one of the police officers, realized that the hall would never leave his four -legged partners, so he began to look for compromise options.

Firstly, he bought everything necessary for a woman, including a standard mattress, plastic bottles of water, warm socks and long-awaited dog food.

Secondly, she organized the Hall move to a specially designed tent.

The woman now has a cape on her shoulders, and the puppies remained nearby.

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