The famous actor fell in love with the dog at first sight and they became friends

This man knew that they would become friends when he saw photo of the animal.

Taking an animal from a shelter is a huge obligation.

These animals require much more care and care than their home.

The American actor decided to adopt a dog that spent most of his life on a leash.

This man knew that they would become friends as soon as he saw a photograph of the animal.

The dog remained in the cage and could not get out, as it was tied to the place with a relatively short chain.

In North Korea, a golden retriever lived on a dog farm.

Other dogs were kept in cages, and they were also sometimes stolen from the farms, and no one else saw them.

In the end, people arrived and decided to save them.

Volunteers took the dogs from the territory and began to look for new houses for them.

Photo of the attached puppy has become a viral on the network.

Daniel Henny, Hollywood actor of X -Men, first saw him in the picture.

The man immediately fell in love with the puppy and called the volunteers.

Daniel offered to meet with a dog, as well as with its temporary owners on neutral territory.

To begin with, the actor and the dog had to interact, because not only a person’s goal, but also a person’s attitude to her is important.

The actor and the dog instantly fell in love with each other – the animal pressed against a man and refused to move away from him.

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