«Siamese twins live separately»: doctors separated the one-year-old Siamese twins and this is how they live

It was worse that they had a fused brain and the doctors did not give any forecasts.

In July 2016, twins Erin and Abby Delaney were born, such an event was supposed to bring a great joy to parents, but in this case, joy gave way to a sense of anxiety.

Kids were born 10 weeks earlier than the expected period, each of them weighed 900 grams.

But the worst thing is that they had a fraught with the brain and the doctors did not give any forecasts.

But the parents themselves did not think to give up, they pulled themselves together and decided to do everything for their daughters, to use the most scanty chances, just to help them.

When Erin and Abby were 11 months, the doctors decided on the most difficult operation.

But they did not give guarantees, the risk of death of one of the sisters was very high.

The operation lasted 11 hours, the kids were divided, and, fortunately, both survived.

At the moment, girls are almost 4 years old. They feel good.

«I admire our kids. They are so wonderful and they are real heroes.

They had to go through such hardships, but they all survived», says the mother of the girl Heather Delaney.

Doctors were satisfied with the operation, they regularly monitor the growth and development of girls, which gives them hope for the same successful operations in the future.

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