«House in a swamp»: this is how the people of Africans live whose houses are in the swamp

This area is considered the largest biological diversity in the district.

Among Europeans, a misconception is common that Africa is an abnormally hot continent with savannahs and deserts.

His relief is really diverse. For example, in Africa there are significant water-bell grounds, where people have lived for millennia. He is coming to Sadd.

It is located in the South Sudan’s White Nile region. The area of the swamp is about 150,000 square kilometers.

This is because Suddha is a home for about a hundred different species of animals and 450 different species of birds.

Obviously, it is difficult to adapt to the Sudda, given its biological wealth. However, a group known as Nilots has adapted to difficult circumstances.

Nilots seek to breed goats and cultivate the gardens, where they live on small islands. Animals usually belong to several families at once.

The lifestyle of the Nilotic people was almost erased from the face of the earth in the last century. The Nile was intended for use for agricultural purposes, which led to a reduction in the area of the swamps.

In the interests of local indigenous people, the project was never completed.

On the other hand, according to the report last year, the construction of Nile Bypass Canal is expected to be finished completed by 2036.

At the moment, nothing is known about construction.

Activists, however, are ready to protect their homes and represent all nearby communities and national minorities.

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