«Himba tribe fascinates with beauty»: they are considered one of the most beautiful tribes on Earth

Once upon a time, the Himba people migrated from East Africa to this area.

The Himba people live in the northern part of Namibia. They continue to practice previous customs.

They wander Kunene State’s terrain. The weather is not easy, daytime maximums of 60 ° C are a common occurrence, and at night, the earth covers hoarfrost. This is because the Namib desert, the oldest desert on the ground, is nearby.

Previously, there were many tribes here, but in the middle of the 19th century some of them broke out, met with Europeans and accepted the name Gerero.

The Government of Namibia provided the rest of the tribes with a special status, while maintaining their Orthodox traditions.

Only with the sanction of the leader of Himba, whom they call the king, is the law in the tribe.

Breeding cattle is their main source of income. Cattle, goats and sheep are divorced by the Himba tribe. The social status of the tribe depends on the amount of cattle that he has.

One of the types of «money» is cattle. Money is not interested in Himba, because they do not need them. Households in Himba do not need consumer items.

They have only cans of water. The daily activity of the Himba people occurs on a round platform inside the Kraal.

Numerous cottages with round or square pillars covered with straw or straw surround the central barn.

The owner is sleeping on a mattress in an empty «house» in which there is no furniture.

They are amazing, right?

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