«Doll or real baby?»: the artist creates unique realistic dolls, which made hair stand up

It is incredible how much these dolls look realistic.

When I first saw these photos, I first thought: «What charming children!» However, upon closer examination, it turned out that in fact these were real dolls, and not children at all.

Already getting shivers from how realistic they look … When you see them and you understand that these are dolls, this is incredible.

All dolls have hair like a person, real, but everything else is made of synthetic materials: a body made of soft fabric, handle, legs and face made of polymer clay, glass eyes, etc.

Children encouraged a woman who was once a primary school teacher, to make these dolls.

Her arsenal has hundreds of puppet girls and puppet boys, since now she produces her own children.

Every year it produces about 10 dolls. Dolls were made using images of real children.

Each component is made manually.

They are all about 70 centimeters tall.

Naturally, we buy these dolls from the collection, and do not play with them. One will cost you about $ 10,000.

Human hands created these newborns. Everything is possible when a person puts his soul into his business.

These dolls are really wonderful.

Hardworking can be income, not just a hobby. Be happy with your work and you will be happy.

It’s really amazing, isn’t it?

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