«Creative dad and daughter»: they delight everyone with unique hairstyles and this is very interesting

Dad and his daughter are really impressive with their hair.

You will undoubtedly fall in love with this family, looking at all the photos, and say: «What a wonderful family!»

The American house of Benny Harlem, his wife and daughter. Benny is a model and a vocalist. He began his blog a couple of years ago.

First, he amused the subscribers with his unique hairstyle before he decided that it would be reasonable to attract the whole family to this matter.

Benny and his daughter Jaxin are really impressive with their hair.

The girl enthusiastically imitates the manners of her father, because she considers him a real role model.

Sometimes it turns out very extravagant: Egyptian clothing, rock and roll, African themes, boxing ring or fashion of the 1940s-the possibilities are limitless.

By the way, the highest haircut belongs to Benny Harlem (about 132 centimeters).

Benny comes up with various haircuts for herself and his daughter, shares funny pictures and publishes photos on his Instagram account. That’s lovely! This beauty has already received five stars from more than 500,000 Benny fans.

Benny’s wife is always next to her husband and daughter. She helps them prepare costumes and other jewelry. What a beautiful family they have.

This is an amazing and unique family. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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