«Couple of «coffee with milk»: this is how the children of this unique beautiful couple look like now

In this case, it is impossible to predict how the baby will look.

This unusual couple is Latte, and you can’t argue with it.

They are a vivid and beautiful confirmation that love has no boundaries, age, conventions and prejudices.

Nevertheless, it is very interesting to observe how children are born in interracial unions.

After all, it is impossible to predict how the baby will look.

Jamie and Nikki Perkins are an interracial couple.

Maybe twenty years ago they could be looked at with amazement or surprise, but now no one is embarrassed by the fact that the spouses have different skin color.

The family lives in Melbourne, Australia. They got married 5 years ago.

Nikki leads his own channel on YouTube, and also works as a model and starred in several photo shoots.

She also has an Instagram account with more than a million subscribers.

Jamie also leads blogs on social networks, such as YouTube and Instagram. He is a photographer and video operator.

The couple brings up two daughters. Both girls were born mulatto.

As a rule, dark genes always dominate.

For example, if mom has blue eyes, and dad has brown eyes, the child will most likely be born with dark eyes.

Blue eyes, straight, blond or red hair are considered recessive signs.

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