The newborn puppy does not have a mother, life has just begun, but he has already suffered a lot of pain

Pup was without his mother and was rescued by The Container Brigade.

The puppy has a hare lip, the taste receptors are cut and something is wrong with its right eye.

He hit and begins to open after a few days.

Behind the cover, he does not look like a whole globe.

Perry was born without a mother and was saved by a container brigade.

On the first day, the doctors took the period to work for hospitalization, while the doctors were absent for several hours.

During the night he advanced a little, but he is still weak and neurological. Moreover, he still receives intravenous and probe nutrition.

A week later, Perry became better every day.

The looseness of the intestine has decreased, but remains obvious, and Perry will be under the supervision of a veterinarian.

It will be under constant supervision, and will also be controlled by his approach to treatment.

Almost two weeks passed, Perry had a significant tilt of his head, but this did not stop the active little boy.

I like him, and I hope that he will grow out of what is happening, and that this is not connected with hydrocephalus.

But he has a fantastic salvation, so we will make sure that he needs everything he needs to live his best life.

After a month, Perry is getting better and better every day.

How did everything become so good that no one is going to act on camera?

Day 35-Perry was in perfect order, and then a boom, he slowly dies, cannot regulate the sugar level, every hour swollen,

Moreover, he is also located on incredibly high doses of dextrose, his small body is infected with sepsis, and now he is being done by plasma transfusion.

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