«Survived and the strongest boy»: this is how this boy survived and became the strongest in the world

Richard began actively playing sports in childhood.

Richard Sandrak, who fled from his homeland in the United States about 15 years ago, was named the most powerful young man in the world.

Richard began actively playing sports in childhood.

And at eight years he had already dropped more than 15 kg from his chest!

At 11, he weighed 24 kg!

Now the guy is 24 years old, and it is difficult to call him an athlete.

He was nicknamed the «little Hercules», he was often invited to contests, television events, for advertising shootings, publications and even films.

Richard’s family moved to California so that his child would completely discover himself.

Training, nutrition and food was watched by the father of the child, a former world champion in combat sports.

The guy is often punished for attacking his son and excessively strained him.

When Richard turned 11, he called the police after his father attacked his mother.

The guy was sentenced to imprisonment for domestic violence.

The boy stopped talking with his father and lost sight of him.

For some time he still trained, but it became smaller and less.

They tried to portray me as a natural disaster.

Nevertheless, I was not the only young man who achieved excellent results thanks to stubborn training.

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