«Sixty pairs of old-fashioned shoes on the shore»: in Budapest, these shoes always stand on the shore

It is easy to imagine people who could leave their shoes on the shore.

On the edge of the Pest embankment in Budapest, next to the residence of the parliament, thousands of victims of the Holocaust in Hungary are immortalized in a piercing sculptural composition.

Six dozen pairs of shoes, boots, children’s sandals and metal and stone shoes installed on April 16, 2005.

They are made so skillfully that only upon closer examination it becomes clear that this is an artistic installation.

The idea of director Janos Jan Togai was embodied by his friend, sculptor Düla Power.

It is not surprising that the memorial is so striking at first sight, the artist used the model of the 40s for work.

For several months of 1944-1945, thousands of Jews were executed in the Hungarian capital.

There are no reliable information about the number of dead, they were taken to the place of execution on army vehicles, they demanded to take off their ways and tied their hands with a chain.

Household Nazis, after, used the shoes of their victims for their own needs and for sale.

They also did not spare cartridges, shot at one, and the rest of the people associated with him fell into ice water and soon drowned.

It looks especially cynical that sometimes instead of ropes, the hands of the convicts were tied with their own laces.

Mass repressions were carried out by local militias of the radical organization «crossed arrows».

Local police officers began to act ugly after the change of power of the pro -fascist, puppet government of Fernets Salashi, he stood at the origins of the fascist shot party.

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