«Happiness after 75 years of waiting»: 101-year-old great-grandmother has the first granddaughter

The baby became the first grandson in the family after 75 years of expectation.

The 101-year-old grandmother was beside herself with joy and was delighted with a meeting with the youngest member of her family.

Despite the fact that she already has five grandchildren, eight great -grandchildren and six stepsons.

It is well known that grandparents, as well as grandchildren have an unsurpassed relationship.

This concrete connection over time becomes stronger and brings joy to parents and other family members.

The most important aspect is that grandparents see a reflection of themselves in their grandchildren, and their connection is an ideal combination of love, understanding and fun.

The baby was the first grandson in the family 75 years after 75 years of expectation.

101-year-old Gwen Smith once saw Maeva, born on November 24, 2021, in her bedroom in the nursing home of a hill in Northfleet, Kent, Britain, December 21, 2021.

Gwen was fascinated by Maeva and could not take her eyes off her.

«It was a unique event when 5 generations appeared in total», the Smith family recalls.

Smith praised the leadership of the nursing home for permission to visit them due to the epidemic.

A few days later, in February 2022, Gwen was 101 years old, and therefore Smiths said that she was excited and flattered to welcome replenishment in the family.

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