Finally, the dog with a crooked face and a golden heart has a family that he loves them

The damage occurred when the dog, as you know, was still a puppy.

Recovery after injury is not always simple, and neither wounds nor scars remain behind.

A serious fall will either rivet you to the house for a week, or deprive you of the opportunity to walk again.

This dog can walk normally, but a cruel fight with another dog left a scar on his face.

The damage occurred when Woody, as you know, was still a puppy.

Since the bones in the turtles of the puppies did not fully grow together and ripened, his skull grew, but was somewhat deformed.

As a result, he has a crooked, one -sided face.

However, it seems that everything is much worse than it really is.

Woody can breathe normally, breathe, eat and drink. He just seems strange.

Woody, on the other hand, showed himself extremely cute and affectionate, according to his guardians.

Despite the fact that he was about a year, he had a living character of the puppy.

Even his constantly damaged face could not overshadow his joy.

No matter how attractive his gaze was, there were several people who did not look at him in this way.

Its previous owners in Tennessee threw him after they moved.

Woody was isolated and constrained. It is difficult to determine whether his crooked face contributed to the fact that he was abandoned, but in any case it was a tragedy.

It must have been the people who lived there gave him scraps, because he was not exhausted or hungry when he was discovered.

The previous owners of Woody, it seems, did not train him and did not lead him to the veterinarian.

The only one of his kind Pit bull was too nimble for them, and he was something like a handful.

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